Version 5

Our newest version.

Version 5 is the base for a lot of new features that will be added. Overall, the look and feel is similar to version 4.

To better understand the difference between versions 4 and 5 have a look at this blog HERE.

Note, we advise to install a new version in a new folder.

A significant change is that the configuration file structure has been changed. Therefore it is necessary to upgrade the configuration if you wish to use settings from version 4 of the software.

We have prepared a video for you that follows the process of upgrading the configuration; take a look at it HERE.

If you experience issues, please submit a support archive (Setup -> License & Support -> Create archive) when you contact us. That will give us the information that helps narrow down the problem. Thank you. You can see how it’s done HERE.

If you experience issues with configuration after an update, please also attach the previous cnc.ini file so that we can troubleshoot it.

Version 5

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